Just picked up the new macbook pro with retina display. Boy do fonts look amazing. Seriously. Amazing!

Most images? Pixelated. Kind frustrating. C’mon Apple…

What’s more frustrating? Not being able to give a potential customer a proper GoToMeeting demo because three quarters of my screen is cut-off thanks to the retina display.

I speak with customer support at GoToMeeting. Apparently it’s a “known issue” with no timeline of when to expect a fix and no suggestions at all about how I can remedy the situation. Unacceptable.

Debugging the Issue.
1. Macbook pro with retina display, using GoToMeeting v5.3.
2. iPhone 4S with GoToMeeting mobile client.

It’s doable, but it’s disgustingly sloppy.

  1. Keep all windows in the top-left quadrant of the screen, taking up exactly half the width and half the height of the monitor.
  2. Go to System Preference > Display Settings > Scaled > select “More Space”.
  3. For Google Chrome browser windows (i.e. online demos), go to Settings (wrench) > Zoom > set to 75%. This will give the meeting participant a view of your window as if it is scaled normally on a non-retina display. Pretty straightforward, right?
  4. For displaying PDFs or other documents using Preview, ensure the document is in the top-left quadrant and simply select View > Zoom to Fit. Now squint so you can see it on your own screen.

That’s it for now. Please let me know if you find/discover a more elegant and/or simpler solution.

Hope to start writing more often. Until then…

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